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Top 20 Japan Animation Schools

This post is on best Japan Animation Schools. We’ve all grown up watching well-known anime series like Pokemon, Naruto, and Dragonball Z, but have you ever pondered who created them? Who breathes life into these tales? An animator is the solution! One of the highest-paying professions in the world, animation is an intriguing and quickly expanding field. This is the professional route for you if you want to build a career on your artistic talent and commercial acumen! This article will discuss the top animation schools in Japan where you may enroll and pursue your dreams!

Why Study in Japan Animation Schools?

  • Japan is a well-known center for technological and scientific innovation! It also excels in producing high-caliber animated works known throughout the world for their plots and aesthetics. Over 400 animation studios in Japan are responsible for some of the best animated films, including Ghost in the Shell, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away.
  • An excellent incentive for animators to consider Japan is networking. Making meaningful connections in the design world is essential, and studying Japan can provide you with the chance to speak with and network with influential figures in the field.
  • The best animation companies in Japan, including Toei Animation, Nerima, Nippon Animation, Koganei, Sunrise, Suginami, Madhouse, Inc., and Honch, Nakano, are all wonderful places to do internships while studying the subject.
  • In comparison to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, animation institutions in Japan offer considerably more cheap animation programs. First-year Japanese animation course tuition typically ranges from 50,000 to 1,280,000 Japanese Yen. 33,506 INR – 8,57,875 INR.

Top 20 Japan Animation Schools

Japan animation schools provide top-notch programs for launching a career in the field of digital art and graphic design. International students from all around the world can afford and attend these colleges because they are comparably less expensive. Students must apply for a visa under the Japanese language category or choose another type of cultural visa that is relevant to their place of origin in order to study animation at these schools. The top 20 animation schools in Japan are listed below.

  1. Tokyo University of the Arts
  2. Osaka animation school
  3. Japan’s Fukuoka College of Design Animation Programs
  4. Tokyo Designer School
  5. College of International Design
  6. Amusement Media School
  7. Toei Animation Institue
  8. Tokyo Animation School
  9. Japan Manga Institute
  10. Kyoto Seika University
  11. Aoba Japan International School
  12. Tokyo Anime Seiyuu Senmon School
  13. Multimedia Art School
  14. Tokyo Game Designer Institute
  15. Sapporo College of Anime
  16. Kodansha Culture Center
  17. Japan Animation and Manga College
  18. Tama Art University
  19. Musashino Art University
  20. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Let’s look at some of the best Japan animation schools in detail for international students!

Tokyo University of the Arts 

One of Japan’s most well-known institutions for studying animation is Tokyo University of the Arts. The university’s department of animation, which is based in Tokyo, provides a broad range of master’s level courses to develop the distinctive artistic qualities necessary to forge a successful career in anime production. These are some of the institute’s courses-

  • 2D Animation Course
  • Model Animation Course
  • Producing Course

Tokyo Designer Gakuin

Tokyo Designer Institution is the next school on our list of the best japan animation schools. Excellent animation courses and specializations are available through this vocational school’s numerous divisions, including Graphic Design, Illustration, Visual Image Design, Comic Illustration, Manga, Product Design, Architecture Design, and Figure Design. Here are a few of the school’s well-liked courses-

  • Animation
  • Game Creator
  • Character Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Manga/Comics
  • Illustration

Yoyogi Animation Gakuin

Animation by Yoyogi Another fantastic option for learning animation in Japan is Gakuin. The oldest animation college in Japan, this institution provides both domestic and foreign students with advanced animation studies as well as career counseling. Some of the best anime, including Detective Conan and Pokemon, have been produced by graduates of the institution. Here are a few well-liked programs-

  1. Animation
  2. Animation Producer and Director Course
  3. Manga/ Comics
  4. Illustration
  5. Animation Background Art Course

Amusement Media School Sougou Gakuin

Entertainment Media College Among Japan’s top animation schools is Sougou Gakuin. The institution is renowned for its top-notch courses and departments, including voice acting, game design, animation design, character design, novels, and manga illustration. High school students, college grads, and working professionals can enroll in the institution’s courses. Some of the most popular courses are listed below-

  • Game Programmer
  • Game Planner
  • Production and Producer Course
  • Novels
  • Voice Acting
  • Light Novel and Novel Major
  • Anime and Game Scenario Major
  • Animator
  • Manga Illustration

Tokyo Animation College

One of the most well-known Japan animation schools is Tokyo Animation College. The vocational school, which is in the center of Tokyo, features two well-liked departments: animation and comics. The institution also helps students create their careers and exposes them to industry. These are a few of the school’s courses-

  • Animation Course
  • Anime Production Course
  • Writer
  • Illustration
  • Story Comic Course

Kyoto Seika University

Japan’s private Kyoto Seika University is a school for animators. It’s in Kyoto and provides a variety of courses for the new media industry and digital art. The college’s numerous departments, including those for animation, manga, popular culture, design, and art, provide students with a wide range of courses, includin-

  • Cartoon Art
  • Comic Art
  • Animation Course
  • Character Design
  • Oil Painting Course
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Design

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How to Apply for Animation Schools in Japan?

In Japan’s schools, the enrollment period for animation classes is currently closed because to the pandemic. For the application process, however, all you need to do is create an account on the official websites of the universities you want to attend, fill out the required information, pay the application cost, and then wait for their response. Students should also be aware that several Japanese universities welcome applicants with strong Japanese language skills.

One of the most attractive, technologically advanced, and reasonably priced options for studying abroad is Japan. Japan is the best country in the world to study animation since it has the largest animation, manga, graphic design, and film industries! Affordable animation schools can be a starting point for a successful career in Japan.

Thanks for taking time to read our blog post, i hope it was helpful.

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