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GOtv Smallie Channels List 2023, Subscription, Price in Nigeria

The GOtv Smallie bundle has taken the place of GOtv Lite, and in this article, I’ll talk about Gotv Smallie channels list 2023 and cost in Nigeria.

The channels included in the bouquet are one of the key criteria for selecting which Pay TV plan to subscribe to, and the cost is another factor that shouldn’t be disregarded.

The cheapest GOtv bundle, called Smallie, has some interesting channels and costs just 900 Naira per month.

There are two payment options available to you: quarterly (3 months subscription at once), which costs 2,400 Naira, or annually (12 months subscription), which costs 7,000 Naira.

GOtv Smallie Channels List 2023

Below are the list of GOtv Smallie channels lists 2023:

  • AFRO Music English
  • Urban Tv
  • Spice Tv
  • TVC Entertainment
  • Islam Channel
  • Dove Tv
  • Emmanuel Tv
  • SS Blitz
  • Naija FM
  • Wazobia FM
  • PBS Kids
  • RAVE
  • R2TV
  • NTA2
  • NTA International
  • Silverbird
  • AIT
  • Channels
  • Faith
  • NTA Parliament
  • Al Jazeera
  • TVC News
  • NTA News24
  • EBS Tv
  • RSTV
  • OGtv
  • BCOS
  • Galaxy Tv
  • ITV Benin
  • Liberty Tv
  • Lagos Tv
  • Wazobia Tv
  • Arewa 24
  • WAP Tv

Is Channel 29 on GOtv Smallie Channels lists?

No, you must upgrade to Max or Jolli in order to view the current season 6 of the reality television series Big Brother Naija.

GOtv Smallie Price in Nigeria

The price for a GOtv Smallie subscription is 900 Naira per month, 7,000 Naira per year, and 2,400 Naira each quarter. 36 channels are accessible right away.

How to Subscribe to GOtv Smallie

  • Go to
  • Select smallie as your preferred package
  • Enter your decoder card number
  • Input your debit Naira card details
  • Complete your transaction using OTP sent to your bank

In less than a minute, your view will be recovered. If your subscription had not yet expired when you made the payment, ensure sure your decoder was turned on.

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Final Thought

I like that you may choose to pay for three months or even an entire year at once. Simply put, if this is the right plan for you, you may pay once and completely forget about it for the following three or twelve months.

You should be aware that if you subscribe to this bundle, you will consume a lot of local content, though I don’t believe everyone will dislike.

On the other hand, you may easily turn to Al Jazeera if you want to stay current with world events.

Please share your thoughts on the GOtv Smallie package.

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