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Cheapest Universities in Turkey for International Students

I will talk about cheapest universities in Turkey for international students in this post. You will like this article if you desire to enroll as an international student at any Turkish university. If so, you ought to read this post about the least expensive universities in Turkey. This nation has developed into a favored study abroad location for international students due to its great scholarship programs and affordable tuition. In comparison to institutions in other nations, public university tuition is generously funded by the government. As a result, Turkish colleges are well-liked by international students.

Over 206 higher education institutions currently serve more than 8 million students in Turkey. Additionally, over ten colleges have consistently been ranked among the top 400 universities in the globe. The nation is renowned for its low-cost, low-maintenance living circumstances in addition to its high-quality education.

In this essay, we’ll examine the cheapest universities in Turkey for international students.

Are universities in Turkey free?

Although they do not operate on a tuition-free basis, the majority of institutions in Turkey have incredibly low tuition rates. Turkey generally isn’t known for its expensive degrees and has some of the least expensive colleges in the world.

For instance, the typical cost of tuition may be between $600 and over $1500. Students should budget between $300 and $400 a month for living expenses, depending on their living circumstances.

Is Turkish language Compulsory to study in Turkey?

Some of the least expensive institutions in Turkey offer a few degrees that are taught and administered in English. However, as would be expected, Turkish is the primary language of instruction. But fear not, because universities offer in-depth Turkish instruction to make sure students are prepared.

Cheapest Universities in Turkey for international students

1. Okan University

Annual Tuition: 9060 USD

The cheapest university in Turkey for international students, Okan University, was established in 1999 and is situated in Istanbul. This least expensive university has eight academic faculties (the faculties of medicine, dentistry, law, engineering and architecture, economics and administrative sciences, and arts, humanities, and social sciences), and it has risen to the top seven among foundation universities.

2. Kadir Has University

This is the second on our list of cheapest universities in Turkey for international students. Academically, this Turkey’s least expensive institution is divided into 6 major faculties that manage the disciplines of engineering, art & design, communication, and economics. Over 50 degrees of study are offered through these faculties, and the institution maintains a separate graduate school that regulates postgraduate students’ academic performance.

In the Istanbul neighborhood of Fatih, there is a university named after Kadir. This affordable university was founded in 1997. This new but significant addition to Turkey’s university system is the country’s least expensive university. Since then, it has grown to become a significant institution in the nation.

Tuition fees: USD 15,000

3.  Middle East Technical University

This is the third on our list of cheapest universities in Turkey for international students. This Turkish university offers degrees in the academic fields of arts/sciences, education, architecture, and engineering through 5 faculties and 42 major departments. Postgraduate Masters and doctoral degrees are offered by graduate departments like the School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

The university is a public research institution with its headquarters in Ankara. This institution of higher learning was founded in 1956. The institution places a strong emphasis on delivering education and research in a variety of subjects, including engineering and the natural sciences. More than 40,000 students are enrolled there at the moment.

Its tuition fees from USD 250

4.  Yasar University

Tuition fees 10,815 USD

A “boutique institution,” Yasar University is situated in the significant port city of Izmir on the Aegean Sea. Its objective is to become recognized as a modest, prestigious, and international Turkish university. English is taught by faculty members in both undergraduate and graduate levels

5. Uskudar University

It is the first institution of its kind in the nation to focus exclusively on behavioral sciences teaching and research. On the other hand, the institution provides a range of degree programs to its students, such as engineering and communication studies. Graduate programs are more narrowly oriented and include health, social sciences, and science/technology schools.

The renowned Uskudar University is located in Istanbul’s world-famous metropolis’ Uskudar district. The university was established in 2011 by the Human Values and Brain Sciences Foundation, making it the most current building in Turkey.

Tuition fees: from USD 3900

6. Bogazici University

In the greater Istanbul area, there are six campuses of this least expensive institution in Turkey. It contains multiple faculties that incorporate additional academic departments that cover a wide range of subjects due to its comprehensive educational framework.

The university also offers a range of student organisations and organizations. At Bogazici University, English is the main language of instruction.

The institution is a renowned research university with its home base in Istanbul. When the university was first established in 1863, it was held by the United States as Robert College. The university today has over 20,000 students enrolled.

Tuition fees: from USD 500

7.  Cankaya University

Additionally, there are two institutions within the graduate schools that provide master’s and doctoral programs. The university offers extensive language training even though Turkish is the main language of teaching to make sure that all new students start their studies at the same level. A significant university member is the Caucusus University Association.

Turkey’s Ankara is home to the private foundation institution Cankaya University. A private firm created the college in 1997, and it has since expanded to house about 8000 current students who receive a top-notch education. The five main colleges of Cankaya University each have about 20 undergraduate academic departments.

Tuition fees: from USD 4500

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8.   Eastern Mediterranean University

Tuition: 8530 USD

It was established in the city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the year 1979. This most affordable college in Turker started off as a technology-focused higher education institution for Turkish Cypriots. After becoming a state university in 1986, the university now provides 141 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to its more than 18,000 students.

I hope you appreciate reading this post on cheapest universities in Turkey for international students.

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