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Best Law Schools in The World

Looking for the best law schools in the world to launch a bright future in the legal field? A prestigious education in law is typically associated with better employment prospects. Leading business figures, heads of state, and justices of the Supreme Court have all been known to be Supreme Court alums.

As a result, enrolling in one of the top law schools worldwide gives you a competitive edge and opens the door to a rewarding legal profession. It at least demonstrates that you have outstanding critical thinking abilities and a spectacular academic record, which will help you get into a prestigious university. To help you limit your selections, we’ve gathered the top law schools from Times Higher Education in this post.

An overview to the top 20 law Schools in the World

The main conclusions from our analysis are listed below. First, seven of the top legal schools worldwide are located in the US, with Stanford ranking as the top school worldwide. However, because of the stiff competition, enrolling in those colleges as an overseas student is difficult. With six of the top 20 spots in the world’s best law schools, the UK comes in second. Although its universities are equally renowned, the admissions process is more user-friendly.

Universities from Australia and Canada are included further down the list. These nations provide excellent living standards and a variety of English-language programs for foreign students. However, the high expense of living and tuition may steer applicants in diverse directions. A Belgian university is also listed among the top 20 legal institutions. Europe has academic systems that are similarly effective and has common cultural values.

Given that Singapore is home to one of the best legal schools in the world, Asia could not be left off of our list. And despite the fact that language obstacles may make the continent seem less reachable, it offers a few English-language programs for visitors.

The sections below will allow you to view the top 20 law schools in the world.

How we did this…

We examined subject rankings in order to analyze the best law schools in the world. We concentrated on Times Higher Education since it provides a fair assessment of the learning environment, worldwide orientation, and academic staff eligibility out of the three key rankings (QS, Times Higher Education, and Shanghai).

THE Law ranking has five leading indicators:

  • Teaching: the learning environment
  • Research: income, volume, and reputation
  • Citations: research influence
  • International outlook: students, staff, research
  • Industry income: innovation
Friendly lawyer offering advice to young couple

Out of the Best Law Schools in the World, most are in USA

In the US, undergraduate students cannot study law. You must first earn a bachelor’s degree or a comparable four-year university degree in any field. In order to apply to law schools, you must also sign up for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Your three-year study will result in the awarding of a Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

It is hardly surprising that 7 out of the best 20 law schools in the world according to Times Higher Education, are American. Considering that the US has one of the strongest legal systems in the world, law is regarded as a professional academic discipline equivalent to a graduate degree (in other parts of the world).

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Stanford University

I believe it is safe to claim that Stanford University is #1 when it comes to the most prestigious legal school in the entire world. It was first established in 1885 and now has one of the biggest campuses in the US, but studying law is not for the faint of heart.

Students should carefully consider their application strategies and emphasize why the institution is a good fit for them given the admission rate of 9–10%. The competition is intense with more than 4,500 applications received each year and just 180 students admitted to Stanford’s law community.

Top 10 Law Schools in the US

The top ten law schools in the US are listed below. Seven of them rank in the top 20 law schools worldwide:

Stanford University
New York University
Yale University
Harvard University
University of Chicago
Columbia University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Cornell University

UK: Top-tier Law Degrees in Historical Institutions

In contrast to the US, admission to law school in the UK does not call for a bachelor’s degree. Here, you can apply directly to a law BA and continue your education with an MA. If pursued full-time, undergraduate law degrees normally last three years, though expedited law programs are available.

Six of the top 20 law schools in the world are located in the UK, which is home to some of the oldest and most prominent law schools in the world. With numerous internationally famous lawyers among their alumni, their reputation and long history make them among the greatest suppliers of legal education. The excellent curriculum, esteemed faculty, and active communities also contribute to the overall advantages.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, established in 1209, is recognized for its unmatched law faculties, which enroll more than 18,000 students. It also employs close to 9,000 people. It offers a coveted three-year Bachelor’s degree and ranks third among the top 20 law schools in the world.

The average acceptance rate for law school is 21%, so it’s clear that it’s not easy to get in. The admittance criteria may differ by nation, however the common range for A levels is A*A*A-A*AA. The Cambridge University Law Society, one of the largest student-run legal organizations in the world and the largest in the UK, is open to applicants who are accepted.

Top 10 Law Schools in the UK

The top ten law schools in the UK are listed below. Six of them rank in the top 20 law schools worldwide:

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford
London School of Economics and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
King’s College London
University of Nottingham
Durham University
University of Essex
University of Leeds

Australia: Top Education and Lively Adventures

Australia is a warm and exciting study abroad location with some of the best law schools in the world. This is a haven for international students, offering more than 1,000 institutions and 22,000 courses. Australia offers everything, including stunning landscapes, a rich cultural history, a good standard of living, and the chance to study in English.

Some universities in Australia demand a Bachelor’s degree to study law, but others allow students with high school certificates. But bear in mind that the number of units you take as a student determines how much your tuition will cost at Australian universities. As a result, your tuition costs may end up being significantly greater than in other nations. However, if you intend to practice law in Australia after graduation, you’ll undoubtedly be rewarded with a high standard of living.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne provides education of the highest caliber and degrees that are recognized across the world. With more than 52,098 students, it is Australia’s second-oldest university and was founded in 1853. Being one of the top 20 law schools in the world, it is certain to provide a cutting-edge curriculum and first-rate facilities.

The school switched from offering an LLB to a JD program in 2008, requiring prospective law students to hold a Bachelor’s degree in a subject other than law. The three-year degree program, which is full-time, offers opportunities to engage with actual clients and resolve legal issues. JD has 24 topics, and classes may hold up to 60 people.

The Melbourne Law School Mentor Program, which links students with attorneys so they can explore other career options, is another benefit of the degree.

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Top 10 Law Schools in Australia

The top 10 law schools in Australia are listed below. Three of them are ranked among the top 20 law schools in the world:

University of Melbourne
Australian National University
UNSW Sydney
University of Sydney
Monash University
The University of Queensland
University of Wollongong
University of Adelaide
University of Technology Sydney
Curtin UniversityCanada: Top-notch Law Educational Programs

Two of Canada’s law schools are among the best in the world, and the country is renowned for its outstanding legal education. Students receive instruction in critical thinking, reaction time, and effective communication. Canada will open doors for you if you are passionate about this sector because the average pay of legal professionals there is around 112,000 CAD.

The majority of programs need a four-year undergraduate degree in a field other than law and last three years (full time). The average annual cost of tuition in Canada is $20,700, while the exact amount varies per degree. To assist international students in assimilating into Canadian culture, the majority of Canadian universities provide a vibrant campus community, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and cultural programs.

University of Toronto

According to THE, the University of Toronto is one of the most prominent universities and has one of the top 20 law schools in the world. It was initially established in 1827, and among its former pupils, it has a reputation for creating leaders. In actuality, it now boasts more than five Canadian prime ministers, ten Nobel laureates, and prominent artists in the fields of acting and writing.

Candidates for admission to its law program must have completed three years of full-time undergraduate education. Only 200 of the roughly 2,000 applicants who submit applications each year are accepted to the first year of their JD studies. However, once accepted, students benefit from the academic, cultural, and extracurricular opportunities at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Top 10 Law Schools in Canada

The top ten law schools in Canada are shown below. Two of them are in the top 20 law schools worldwide:

University of Toronto
McGill University
University of British Columbia
University of Montreal
University of Ottawa
Dalhousie University
University of Calgary
University of Alberta
Queen’s University
Western University

Europe: World-class Education and Research

Europe has a rich history, a variety of cultures, and top-notch institutions, making it one of the most intriguing countries to study. In fact, many of the world’s top universities are found in Europe, and international collaborations have helped to establish a vibrant intellectual scene. Low tuition costs and a wide variety of English-language programs are two benefits of studying law in Europe.

Additionally, European law schools do not demand a Bachelor’s degree before enrolling students, in contrast to those in the US or Canada. This makes it simple for high school graduates to enter their field of choice right away. Finally, because of the connections between firms and European universities, students are integrated into businesses to learn the skill alongside professionals.

KU Leuven

The top 20 law schools in the world are ranked, with KU Leuven coming in at number 14. It provides research-based education and employs professors who conduct the groundbreaking studies we read about in the media. It is situated in Belgium. It provides potential individuals a rewarding profession with reasonable tuition costs and a vibrant international student community. Each student also gets individualized assistance with any practical or academic challenges.

You require a high school diploma, a minimum GPA of 3, English language fluency, and at least three recommendation letters to be accepted into the KU Leuven university’s law degree. With a 73% acceptance rate, it is simpler to be accepted than at other universities. Once admitted, you can benefit from a rich academic experience and cutting-edge facilities.

Top 10 Law Schools in Europe

The top ten law schools in Europe are listed below. One of them is ranked as one of the top 20 law schools in the world.

KU Leuven
Tilburg University
Maastricht University
LMU Munich
Leiden University
University of Amsterdam
Humboldt University of Berlin
Utrecht University
University of Bologna
University of Geneva

Asia: Affordable Education and Diverse Cultures

Asia is one of the top study abroad locations for foreign students due to its growing political and economic importance in the world. Employers prefer employees with expertise and experience relating to Asia since it gives them access to a wide market. Furthermore, the continent presents fascinating chances to encounter various cultures while developing abilities that will set you apart from the competition.

The quality of the educational system is arguably one of the most important benefits of studying law in Asia. Asian economies rely on education to create successful citizens who stand out from the crowd. And all that with competitive living costs that are significantly cheaper than those in comparable European or American nations

National University of Singapore

According to THE, the National University of Singapore is ranked ninth among the top 20 law schools worldwide. It’s a top choice among law universities thanks to its more than 60 years of legal education, illustrious alumni network, vibrant student life, and several specialization areas.

You must hold a Bachelor’s degree in a non-law discipline to be admitted to the JD program. There are choices for expedited curriculums, but the normal duration (full-time) is three years. Because NUS only accepts about 25% of applicants, competition is fierce.

Top 10 Law Schools in Asia

The top ten law schools in Asia are listed below. One of them is ranked as one of the top 20 law schools in the world:

National University of Singapore
University of Hong Kong
Tsinghua University
Chinese University of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Tel Aviv University
Zhejiang University
University of Macau

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