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Best Free Textbook Website – Download in Pdf

Let’s also discuss about the best free textbook website to download free textbook in PDF format. Because of the continuous global epidemic, we have realized just how totally dependent on technology we are for all of our needs. As a result of a spike of Covid-19 instances, nation after nation implemented nationwide lockdowns, forcing people to completely rely on technology.

Everything, from grocery shopping to job hunting to furthering our education, took place on the digital display in front of us. Being so dependent on technology surely has drawbacks, but we can still make the most of it. I’ll be talking about best free textbook websites, you may download in PDF format as well.

The most seriously affected area was online learning, and as a response, several e-learning resources came to the aid. The greatest benefit of using online learning tools is that anybody and everyone can do so.

free PDF textbooks to download

The variety of learning chances for many people has significantly increased as a result of these platforms being accessible to everyone, even those who are physically challenged.

There are numerous websites that offer free textbooks for use in the classroom. You may read these PDF books online for free or quickly download them. They offer content drawn from the literary, academic, and even children’s realms.

Tips for Best Free textbook Website to Download PDF 

With the appropriate procedures in mind, finding the best website for your purposes or downloading a free PDF book becomes simple.

#1) PDF Reader

The best PDF reader should have a lot of features that will enhance the reading experience given that PDF books are complex text documents. There is no better option than the PDF format. A few crucial features include editing, navigation, annotation, adding bookmarks, choosing reading mode, and straightforward sharing.

Use PDF viewers for Android smartphones like Adobe Acrobat Reader, WPS Office, Google PDF Viewer, Foxit MobilePDF, or Moon+Reader with this in mind.

The best iOS mobile apps include PDF Max, Google Playbooks, and more. Furthermore, there are many great Windows solutions, such as Adobe Reader, Nitro Reader, etc. With the appropriate procedures in mind, finding the best website for your requirements or downloading a free PDF book is easy.

#2) Requirement

Some websites have accumulated so much content that it is quicker to write the right string of letters. Others have access to a wide selection of literature catered to their interests.

For instance, whereas Open Textbook Library primarily provides free textbooks just for college students, Free Kids Books contains a selection of e-books specifically for kids. In a similar vein, Project Gutenberg has provided free access to vintage books having lapsed U.S. copyright.

#3) Antivirus Defense

No matter how trustworthy or dependable a specific website may be, it is essential to protect your computer using dependable antivirus software to be further sure.

The user device may occasionally become infected by a virus even if it doesn’t enter through a website but rather through another medium or a compromised network.

4) Interaction

It’s crucial to take into account how each user will interact with the user interface of the website. Searching is made easier by user interfaces that are more straightforward, or occasionally, some users choose a website design that is more user-friendly for them.

We should keep this in mind when shopping for an e-book or browsing the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions About best free textbook website 

Q #1) Is it safe to download free textbook PDF?

There is a chance that some e-books contain harmful software that could infect the computer with malware, spyware, and viruses. As a result, it is advised to avoid having blind faith in sources and to only use reliable websites, such as those that are listed below.

Some illegal websites provide content without the publisher’s or author’s permission.

Q #2) Can you donate e-books to free PDF books websites?

Yes, there are lots of websites that provide free textbooks and that gratefully accept donations in the form of printed books and PDF files that they may then digitize and add to their library.

For instance, Internet Archive Books, Open Library’s parent website, accepts genuine book donations.

Q #3) How can self-publish authors make their work available for download on these websites?

Self-published authors have the ability to upload their works on some websites.

This is also checked and communicated by the website before being made available for download or online reading, just like other books that are currently listed on the internet.

Can you order a hard copy of a website-available, free textbook?

No, these websites that offer free PDF textbooks are made with the intention of democratizing access to educational resources.

Question #5: Are monetary donations accepted on these websites?

Running a publicly available internet resource repository is difficult. Therefore, even the smallest donations are necessary for these websites to continue providing free PDF books.

These donations go a long way toward sustaining the team, keeping the website current, and enhancing the services it offers.

Why is it so difficult for me to download PDF files to my computer?

There could be a variety of reasons for this. Check your Internet connection first to make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

If you can’t find a file you’re confident you downloaded, examine each individual download folder. The possibility exists that the file was stored there without authorization.

Make sure your device has the software required to view the file in the chosen format installed.

For instance, you require an EPUB reader to view a file in the epub format.

Can I obtain free PDF books legally?

Downloading free PDF books is only forbidden if the website is selling illegal content. As long as the copyrights are respected and the author and publishing company have given their consent, it is acceptable to read and distribute online copies of works.

Fact Check: projects that in 2021, revenue from e-books will total $15,986 million. In April 2020 alone, around 8 million free textbooks were downloaded from Project Gutenberg. The quantity downloaded this year was twice as much.

According to, there has been a steady increase in the quantity of e-books that are available on Amazon Kindle between the years of 2007 and 2021. In 2022, 9,000,000 e-books are anticipated to be available, compared to the few thousand that were accessible for reading in 2007.

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List Of The Best free textbook Website To Download Free PDF Textbooks

  1. Open Textbook Library
  2. Libre Texts
  5. Project Gutenberg
  6. Free
  7. Internet Archive Books
  9. Open Library
  10. Freeditorial

#1) Open Textbook Library

The best free textbook website is available here in PDF format. The Open Textbook Library aims to change higher education and student learning by providing open textbooks written and published by licensed authors and publishers. These may be freely used and modified. These PDF books can be downloaded, edited, and distributed without charge.

College students make up the bulk of the audience for the textbooks on this website. There are 12 distinct academic groups represented, including Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. It also has PDF copies of college textbooks.

Free textbooks by subject, emphasis on college learning, and free textbook distribution are some of the features.

Website: Open Textbook Library

#2) Libre Texts

The best free textbook website is available here in PDF format. Libre Texts is a non-profit website devoted to online educational reform. With its user-friendly interface and focus on college students, it makes it simpler to create and modify Open Educational Resources (OER).

223 million students are currently using the platform’s 398 open access, free textbooks. Libre Texts grows with the aid of its engaged contributors and volunteer staff. Interactive visuals are also utilized to improve learning.

Features: Free material access; ample library space; ability to create and distribute new, free textbooks

Website: Libre Texts


The best free textbook website is available here in PDF format. OpenStax is a non-profit educational platform used at Rice University. Free college textbooks are available in a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, social sciences, business, biology, etc.

Using free textbooks to enhance current courses is made easier because the scope and sequencing requirements are the same for all of them.

Although some materials from high school are also made available to students, the main emphasis is on college education.

Features: All textbooks are accessible and cost nothing. Free textbooks online are available in a variety of forms, including textbooks for high school and colleges.



On Bookboon, you may access thousands of free textbooks written by professors at well-known universities throughout the globe.

Any book in the categories of engineering, marketing, law, natural sciences, strategy, and management, among others, is available for free download as a PDF to website visitors.

The website also provides quick, useful books on topics like productivity, personal development, and study and career counseling. Bookboon aims to democratize knowledge and make it simple for everyone to better themselves by utilizing top-notch educational resources.

Features: An intuitive interface, primarily business, engineering, and IT textbooks

Website: Bookboon

#5) Project Gutenberg

You may access free textbooks online thanks to Project Gutenberg. Cultural works are being preserved digitally. Supporting the creation and distribution of literary works is its goal.

Michael Hart, the organization’s founder, invented electronic books in 1971, making Project Gutenberg the first to distribute them. On the website, it was explained how it took time for an idea to become an organization.

By the 2000s, Project Gutenberg was producing thousands of e-books every day, and that number has only risen since then.

Features: Older Literature available, one of the oldest PDF textbooks platform.

Website: Project Gutenberg


Online resource provides free PDF textbooks. It includes a huge selection of books in literature as well as other academic disciplines. A drop-down menu at the top of the main page categorizes the books on the website.

The website hosts an active blog and frequently schedules video conferences with experts in academics and literature. You can download any book for free in PDF format.

Features include a wide selection of books in different categories, an intuitive platform, frequent blog articles, and educational movies about literature.


#7) Internet Archive Books

Internet Archive Books possibly has the greatest selection of free textbooks on the web. There are also 6 million videos, 14 million audio tracks, and 588 billion webpages of online information.

The foundation of Internet Archive is the idea that not everyone has access to a good public library; as a result, books and textbooks must be made digitally accessible for everyone.

On the website, certain books can be downloaded for free while others can only be borrowed temporarily.

Features include the broadest selection of books, films, and audios available for educational reasons.

Website: Internet Archive Books


In order to provide free textbooks online, established a vast library of PDF textbooks.

Since many of the free PDF books offered here are sourced from the Project Gutenberg website, there are numerous classics to peruse through. More than 29,000 e-books are accessible through devices like the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers.

It is completely free and grants everyone access. Simply clicking the download icon next to the list of PDF books will save the download to the user’s device.

Features: Free and open access to all books in a variety of languages. The user can choose from among appealing graphic representations of book covers by


#9) Open Library

Through Open Library, a world-wide selection of free PDF books is accessible. It is known as Open Library because it wants to create a webpage for every book ever written and makes all of its contents freely accessible to everyone.

This website, which is an initiative of the Internet Archive Books, offers access to the books that are available through the Open Library website.

The library of free textbooks is open to anyone with an Open Library account.

Features: Wide selection of books, open access, and library development

Website: Open Library

#10) Freeditorial

From Freeditorial, you may download free PDF books from all over the world. It brings together writers and readers from all over the world and operates as both a publishing company and an open library.

Its main objective is to dismantle financial barriers while promoting literature. Freeditorial assists with the publication of books written by living writers whose rights it has purchased in addition to providing free PDF publications. Both the English and Spanish versions of the website are available.

Features: Anyone can upload a book, which will subsequently be made available to everyone for free and open access.

Website: Freeditorial

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