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All Schools Offering 2 Year Nursing Degree in Philippines

I am writing about 2 year nursing degree in Philippines. Any nursing degree is a wonderful option, however many people mistakenly believe that the only 2-year nursing program is the master’s program, oblivious to associate degrees. Hands-on training is provided to nurses in nations like the US where there are several community colleges, giving them the skills they need to flourish in nursing. The sole alternative accessible in the Philippines, where associate degrees are nonexistent, is a master’s degree in nursing, which provides students with advanced knowledge and comprehensive abilities.

Without a degree in nursing or a closely connected discipline, you cannot provide master’s in nursing in the Philippines. This curriculum enhances the student’s understanding and competency in the analysis and application of nursing theoretical frameworks as well as in teaching, research, and community service.

Is there a 2-year course in the Philippines?

Aside from master’s degrees, there are a number of two-year courses available in the Philippines. Currently, some institutions provide associate degrees and diplomas in technical and vocational fields. Some of these programs can aid in your employment or entrance to a four-year university. These initiatives are designed to assist people who lack the financial means to pursue higher education.

What is the length of the nursing program in the Philippines?

The four-year bachelor’s in nursing science degree in the Philippines focuses on providing care for the ill and disabled. Nursing students will learn how to conduct health assessments, assist patients with perioperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care, and perform life-saving interventions through this curriculum.

Which Philippine nursing school is the best?

Following the Spanish-Philippine War, when many Filipino women became nurses and cared for the soldiers’ wounded, nursing education gained popularity. American doctors who realized they needed more staff to support their efforts in 1907 officially started nursing in the Philippines. In the Philippines, nursing programs train future nurses in resourcefulness.

Every nursing school in the Philippines is distinct in that it makes an effort to bring out the best in its students. This curriculum helps students develop the clinical, administrative, management, and research abilities necessary to elevate patient care to a new level. The university of Santos Thomas is this organization.

The Institution for 2 year nursing degree in Philippines are:

  • The university of Philippines open University


This university provides a master’s in art in nursing through its faculty of management and development studies. Nurses who want to pursue this degree can do so because it is affordable, accessible, and available. She provides opportunities for her students in adult health nursing, maternity and child nursing, nursing administration, gerontology, and geriatrics nursing.

  • The university of Philippines,  Manila


This University offers a 2 years program in nursing,  it prepares her students to take up leadership position and quality in global health. The key areas are Adult health nursing, Community health nursing, Maternal and child nursing, Mental health and psychiatric nursing, Nursing administration and School health nursing.

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  • Philippines women University


The master of arts in nursing and doctor of philosophy in nursing programs at this institution were founded in 1960. The following fields are among the specializations this program provides its students.

  • Specialization in Administration and Management
  • Clinical specialization in Medical-Surgical
  • Clinical specialization in Community Health Nursing
  • Clinical specialization in Mental and Psychiatric Nursing and
  • Clinical specialization in Maternal and Child Nursing
  • The university of East Ramon Magsaysay


The master’s in science nursing and master’s in arts nursing programs offered by this university, one of the institutions offering a two-year graduate degree, enable students to develop critical thinking skills. This degree program trains professional nurses for a variety of specialties and leadership positions by utilizing advanced clinical practice, scientific endeavors, and community development initiatives.

  • Adventist University of the Philippines


In this curriculum, nurses will learn how to address global health concerns and use their general knowledge of leadership. They provide different master’s in nursing programs with options in adult and family health.

  • Saint Louis University


With the intention of educating students and providing them with the knowledge and training necessary to succeed as responsible leaders in the field of health, this university is associated with a teaching hospital.

  • De la salle medical and health institute


This university offers master’s degrees in the arts to persons from all walks of life. Its nursing program prepares nurses for leadership, research, and nursing specialization. The two areas of specialization in this degree are maternal and child nursing and medical-surgical nursing.

  • Philippine Christian University


The bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing are offered by this college through its college of nursing and allied health. It incorporates nursing as a concept, nursing theories, and related concepts including practice and research management.

  • Western Mindanao University 


The goal of this university is to equip nursing students with advanced knowledge, professional skills, and ethical behavior. In order to exhibit nurse leadership and management skills in a range of settings and to be able to analyze existing health and health-related policies in order to come up with suggestions for enhancing healthcare delivery, this program promotes the application of research and research-based knowledge.

  • Palawan state University


The university gives its alumni the training they need to become renowned nurses and other healthcare specialists.

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