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8 Cheapest Universities in Ecuador for International Students

This article is on cheapest universities in Ecuador for international students. Ecuador, one of the South American nations with a rapidly expanding economy and upgraded higher education system, is a country that is geographically in the center of the world. Recently, Ecuador has been a popular study abroad location. This nation is ideal for individuals who desire to complete a major in the southern region of the New World if you add inexpensive prices and the U.S. dollar as its national currency. We’ll discuss Ecuador’s universities with low tuition.

Universities were ranked according to quality, and those in the bottom group were given three years to improve.

In 2012, 14 universities were shut down, and eight more were restricted and sanctioned. In 2019, 17 institutions of higher learning were shut down for not upholding quality requirements.

Up order to fill in some educational shortages, a few new institutions have also been established, including a regional university, a research university, and a pedagogical university. There are now more loans and scholarships available.

How is Ecuador’s higher education system organized?

Ecuador has public, private, and polytechnic universities as its higher education options. About 55 of them provide graduate and post-graduate programs, while three more do so exclusively.

How does Ecuador’s university admissions process work?

A nationwide aptitude test is used to determine admission to public universities. International students are also subject to the tests, which do not have an age restriction.

While some private institutions have their own admissions procedure, others are part of the national aptitude exam.

How much do universities cost in Ecuador?

Since 2008, public colleges in Ecuador no longer charge tuition. This is among the factors that contribute to the fact that the bulk of overseas students (about 80%) attend public universities.

International students’ annual tuition at private colleges can range from USD 2,000 to USD 6,000. Tuition for some majors, such as medicine or architecture, might be about 2,000 USD more.

What is the language of instruction at universities in Ecuador?

Since Spanish is Ecuador’s official language, the majority of its programs are taught in this tongue. There are very few programs available in English.

Spanish-speaking students or those who desire to learn the language should study in Ecuador.

What about Ecuador’s cost of living?

The U.S. dollar has been Ecuador’s national currency since the early 2000s. Some international students may benefit from this since payments will be simpler and less complex.

In the city center, a one-bedroom apartment can be rented for between 350 and $400 USD per month. The similar flat can rent for between $200 and $300 USD in various locations.

Since the typical food basket costs around 700 USD, a single student might anticipate spending between 150 and 200 USD each month. Your monthly transportation budget should be USD 20.

Cheapest Universities in Ecuador for International students

  • The University of San Francisco in Quito

A private liberal arts college, the University of San Francisco in Quito (USFQ) was established in 1988. According to the QS World University Ranking, which positions it between the 751st and the 800th top universities in the world, it is regarded as the best university in Ecuador.

There are two satellite campuses in Cumbayá and the Galapagos Islands in addition to its main school in Quito. They provide courses in biology and environmental studies.

This low-cost university in Ecuador is divided into ten schools, including one each for health, music, science and engineering, business administration and economics, interior design and architecture, and social and humanities sciences.

These institutions provide more than 50 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. A business school, 17 research institutions, and an online extension department that provides degree programs online are also present.

International students must pass an entrance exam in order to be admitted. Prospective students additionally require a student visa and a high school certificate that has been approved by the minister of education in order to be admitted.

The cost of tuition per semester ranges from 4,000 to 5,500 USD. This covers the engineering, medical, and dental majors. The Galapagos campus’ courses cost less than $1,000 USD a year.

  • National Polytechnic School (EPN)

The National Polytechnic School (EPN), which was first established in 1869, was shut down seven years after its founding and reopened in the 1930s. They are pioneers in scientific and technology education and research.

According to the QS World Institution Ranking, it is ranked as the 801st to 1000th best university in the world, making it the second-best university in Ecuador.

It contains eight faculties with specializations in several branches of science, such as engineering, geology, oil, and environmental studies. 22 bachelor’s degree programs, 12 master’s degree programs, and many doctoral programs and specializations are all available.

This Ecuadorian university is reasonably priced and offers modern facilities. Particle accelerators, astronomy observatories, and natural history museums are a few of them. There are also numerous research institutes, centers, and labs.

The admissions process involves taking an entrance exam. After being accepted, students must complete and pass a prerequisite semester before beginning their major. When exploring it, make sure to choose your favorite language. There is a drop-down language selection next to the search field.

  • Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE)

The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador is the next institution on our list of inexpensive universities in Ecuador. It was established in 1946, making it the nation’s oldest university. It is ranked as the fourth-best university in Ecuador by the QS World University Rankings, between the 801st and the 1000th-best institutions worldwide.

In addition to its main campus in Quito, it also maintains campuses in Ibarra, Manab, Esmeraldas, Ambato, and Santo Domingo.

The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs through its 13 faculties and its school of social work. Programs with some online instruction are available through the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

PUCE recently examined the majors’ curricula and revised some of them. They also launched fresh programs.

The institution also maintains a research station, two museums, and a cultural center.

The entrance exam for the admissions process is distinct from the national aptitude test.

Depending on how many credits a student enrolls in each semester, different types of tuition costs are created. For 16 credits or more, the tuition ranges from 1,900 USD to 5,589 USD.

  • University of Cuenca

A public institution, the University of Cuenca, was established in 1867. It was the first of its kind in the city and the South.

It comprises 12 faculties, including ones for engineering, psychology, dentistry, medical sciences, chemical sciences, and the arts. It also has faculties for administrative and economic sciences, hospitality, agriculture and livestock, literature, and education.

Five campuses make up the university: the Central campus (Cuenca), the Historical Center, the Paraso, the Yanuncay, and the Eco-campus.

The seven research departments of this reasonably priced institution in Ecuador work on projects in six different fields. The university publishes several of them in its own magazine.

The system of national aptitude exams is used for admissions. Never forget to choose your favorite language from the drop-down option in the bottom right corner of their website.

  • Business and Technological University of Guayaquil (UTEG)

In 2000, the Business and Technological University of Guayaquil (UTEG) was founded as a private institution of higher learning. This university is renowned for offering students a wide range of alternatives.

Ecuador’s low-cost university offers four different educational modes. The first one, which offers 14 bachelor degrees, is in-person. Then there is distance learning, which grants six bachelor’s degrees, and online learning, which grants six bachelor’s degrees as well. Finally, there is the semi-virtual modality, which only offers students in-person instruction on Saturdays and only offers one bachelor’s degree program.

The necessary documentation must be submitted as part of the UTEG admissions procedure. You can complete the entire process online.

  • The State University of Southern Manabí (UNESUM)

Additionally newly established is the State University of the South of Manab (UNESUM). It was founded as a public university in 2001, which is now 18 years old. Its one of the cheapest universities in Ecuador for international students,

Technical sciences, natural and agricultural sciences, health sciences, and economic sciences are all represented by four faculties. 13 bachelor’s degree programs are available.

Additionally, UNESUM features a publishing firm, a library, and a research division.

Through the national aptitude exam system, admissions are made.

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  • Casa Grande University

In the city of Guayaquil, Casa Grande University was founded in 1999 as a private institution of higher learning. It has three faculties: administration and political sciences; communications; and human ecology, education, and development.

13 bachelor’s degree programs and 6 master’s degree programs are available through these faculties.

Admissions involve taking a test in addition to submitting the necessary paperwork. This exam consists of three sections: English, general abilities, and vocational.

The cost for bachelor degree programs at this cheapest university in Ecuador for international students is determined by the number of courses or subjects. Between 368 and 552 dollars, plus other administrative expenditures, are the price of each course.

The cost of tuition for postgraduate studies ranges from 8,500 to 11,500 USD.

  • Espíritu Santo University (UEES)

Espiritu Santo University (UEES), a private institution with a stellar reputation in Ecuador and one of the greatest business schools in the nation, was established in 1993.

It contains one school, eight faculties, and one postgraduate faculty. Both in-person and online classes are offered for bachelor’s and graduate degree programs.

This university’s cutting-edge facilities and programs are ideal for students from other countries. You’ll take classes in both English and Spanish because the bulk of the programs are multilingual.

In addition to classrooms, the university boasts cutting-edge resources like a microbiology lab, a digital sound and music production facility, a simulation laboratory for the faculty of medicine, and more.

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