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30 Free printable bible study lessons with Questions and answers PDF

These Bible study lessons are available for quick download as PDF files. You can better grasp the Bible with the help of the free printable Bible study classes. This article is free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf.

Pastors, Bible scholars, theologians, and other individuals with a deeper knowledge of the Bible and the Word of God all contributed to the creation of the free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. The lessons are available for download in PDF format, and you may decide to print them out for group usage.

These Bible study lessons include questions following each lesson as well as Scripture verses pertinent to the course’s subject.

How can I use the Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers PDF

Let us guide you through how to use the 30 best free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf before we share them with you.

Individuals, families, couples, youth groups, and small groups can all use the Bible study lessons.

The Bible study courses must first be downloaded before being printed for convenience. The Bible verses allocated to the lessons must be read.

After every class, respond to the Bible study questions, and then share your thoughts with the other students in your study group.

However, if you’re doing individual study, you can ask the host of the Bible study courses for the answers, or you could see a Bible verse or passage typed after the questions that has the answers to the questions.

30 Best Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers in PDF

Here, we offer the top free PDF Bible study lessons that are printable and include questions and answers.

The top 30 free printable Bible study lessons may all be downloaded for free and are all readily available. To open the classes, you might need a PDF reader, though.

The DOWNLOAD button provides access to the lesson’s free printable Bible.

#1. Philippians Bible Study

One of the best free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf that will aid in your understanding of biblical ideas is the Philippians Bible Study.

Four chapters make up this Bible study, and each chapter includes questions and answers in PDF format.


#2. Genesis Bible Study

The narrative of creation, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and other topics are covered in this free, printable Bible study lesson.

An eleven-week study covering the first 11 chapters of the Book of Genesis is offered through the Genesis Bible Study.


#3. Book of James Bible Study

This Bible study lesson is primarily on James, his life, his role in the first century Church, his relationships with people on a physical and spiritual level, his reputation, and how he passed away.

Five weekly sessions are available for the Bible study on the Book of James. For five weeks, one chapter is covered per week.


#4. Gospel of John Bible Study

The Bible’s Gospel of John offers an insightful viewpoint on Jesus Christ and your relationship with Him.

It spends 21 weeks covering one chapter from the Book of John each week.


#5. Pride Bible Study

Another free printable Bible study lesson on pride, its causes, and consequences is available here.

You can understand the biblical definition of pride, what God said about pride, the effects of pride, and what you can do about your pride by using the four-part pride Bible study questions.


#6. Ephesians Bible Study

In this six-week Bible study, we discover that Paul mentions the Ephesians’ tremendous privilege.

The Bible study is one of the top free PDF lessons for Bible study that include questions and answers.


#7. Jude Bible Study

The Jude Bible Study is among the top free PDFs of questions and answers for Bible study classes that teach about false teachers.

The names, behaviors, traits, and motivations of false teachers are examined in this free, printable Bible study lesson.

You ought to be able to comprehend the warning flags in the Bible about false teachers after finishing this Bible study.


#8. Is Jesus God?

Various people claim that Jesus is either God or the Son of God. The question of whether Jesus is God or the Son of God has long been up for discussion.

Jesus – God? This class will tackle this controversy in fresh ways.

Does God exist? and other such inquiries are also addressed in the Bible study. Jesus – God? Has God ever had a son?


#9. Creation of the Earth

One of the important events that the Bible mentions is the creation of the Earth.

Why do many individuals completely discount a Creator? are some of the topics addressed in this free, printable Bible study session. How did the Earth come into being? What is the Earth’s age?

Additionally, you will learn who was present when the Earth was created.

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#10. Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Here is another free PDF Bible study lesson that teaches about pride and its ramifications. It includes questions and answers.

The lesson in the Bible on pride focuses on instances of people who have sinned because of pride.

Additionally, you will discover how pride contributed to Satan, Adam, and Eve’s fall from grace.


#11. Satan Casts Out of Heaven

Was Satan expelled from Heaven? This Bible study session will offer a thorough response to that query.

Whether Satan was expelled from heaven has always been up for discussion. This free, downloadable Bible study session will discuss the discussion in a way that will help you comprehend the occasion.


#12. Noah’s Ark

One of the well-known Bible tales is the one about Noah’s Ark.

You will have a greater understanding of Noah’s character, his ark, the necessity of his ark, and the biblical flood after completing this free printable Bible study lesson.


#13. Life of Moses

One of God’s chosen prophets, Moses, is profiled in this free, printable Bible study lessons.

The lesson centers on the following themes: Moses’ life, his birth, his exodus from Egypt, and his encounter with the Burning Bush. The Ten Commandments, the Red Sea being parted by Moses, the 10 Plagues of Egypt, and Moses and the Promised Land.


#14. When was Jesus Born?

Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus on December 25. However, was Jesus actually born on that day? All of your questions regarding the birth of Christ will be addressed in this Bible study class.

Why Was Jesus Born? answers are provided in the free printable Bible study lesson. How was Jesus created? The place of Jesus’ birth. Jesus was born when?


#15. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

What did Jesus Christ’s crucifixion actually entail? This and many other pertinent topics are answered in this free printable Bible study lesson.

The story of Jesus’ death on the Cross is also covered in the Bible study session. The list of miracles that occurred at Jesus Christ’s crucifixion will also be covered.


#16. Ascension of Jesus

Here is another free, downloadable Bible study session that addresses questions about Jesus’ ascension.

How many individuals witnessed Jesus Christ’s ascension? are among the questions addressed in this Bible study class. What made the 40 days leading up to Jesus Christ’s ascension so significant?


#17. Temptation of Christ

This lesson in the Bible describes how Satan tempted Jesus, how many times he was tempted, and how he conquered those temptations.

When resisting temptations, you can use this Bible study lesson to your life.


#18. Transfiguration of Jesus

What is Jesus’ transfiguration? Questions about Jesus’ transfiguration are answered in great depth in this Bible study class.


#19. Bible Prophecies Fulfilled

The prophecies that were fulfilled in the Bible are all discussed in these free printable Bible study lessons. You’ll discover how God strengthens our faith in him through biblical prophecy.


#20. Peter Denies Jesus

How often did Peter reject Jesus? What led Peter to reject Jesus? Peter first rejected Jesus when? This free printable Bible study lesson contains answers to all of these queries, in addition to many others.

You will learn how to respond when a buddy betrays you from this Bible study class as well.


#21. The Death of Christ

The most significant thing to ever happen to humanity was Christ’s death.

What is atonement? and other related questions are addressed in this Bible study class. What atonement efforts have humans made? What is God’s atonement strategy?


#22. Parable of the Prodigal Son

We are all familiar with the prodigal son tale. You will learn in-depth information on the prodigal son, his father, how he wasted his blessings, repentance, and his return from these printable study lessons.


#23. Bible Parables

How do parables work? Who imparted biblical parables? This lesson on Jesus’ parables’ ability to conceal the truth from hypocrites is a free printable Bible study lesson.


#24. Parable of the Ten Virgins

Here is another lesson from the Bible that discusses the tale of the 10 virgins.

It provides a deeper comprehension of the important event.


#25. What are the Ten Commandments?

The ten commandments and the Scripture verses where they are found are the topic of this free printable Bible study lesson. Additionally, it discusses the New Covenant, the Commandments of Jesus, and the Hebrews’ disobedience.


#26. Bible Miracles

Do you think miracles happen? You will get a deeper understanding of biblical miracles after finishing this Bible study class.


#27. Jonah and the Whale

Please feel free to download this free printable Bible study lesson if you are interested in learning more about the story of Jonah and the Whale.


#28. Jesus Feeds 5,000

Here is another free printable Bible study lesson that talks about one of the miracles Jesus performed. This Bible study lesson will give you a deeper understanding of the event.


#29. Resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarus’s resurrection is another another miracle carried out by Jesus. This free printable study lesson provides a thorough explanation of the Lazarus resurrection tale.


#30. Christ’s New Earth

You’ll comprehend the New Earth better after reading this free printable Bible study lesson. You will learn about the implications and repercussions of the first sin committed by Adam and Eve.


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