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14 Best Culinary Schools in Ca (California)

Looking for a top culinary schools in Ca beautiful state? You are fortunate! The California coastline is home to many outstanding culinary programs. We can assist you in locating the ideal school for you in the ideal area.

California is known as a global center for cuisine. The farms that grow the food on which our nation depends are spread out over miles and miles. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco have five-star dining establishments. Even thousands of vineyards turn out wines that win gold medals. You can definitely start out in California, no matter what area of the hospitality sector you’d like to concentrate in!

The culinary schools in California on our list are all distinctive. While some provide comprehensive bachelor’s degrees, others just offer brief certificate programs. After attending a California culinary school, you will be on the correct track for a successful culinary profession, regardless of your decision.

14 Best Culinary Schools in Ca (California)

1. The Institute of Culinary Education, Pasadena, CA

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is a university renowned for having one of the best culinary programs in the world. Is one of the culinary schools in CA. Although the institution has campuses all around the country, the one in Los Angeles is quite unique.

It is situated in the center of the city and is surrounded by trendy, fascinating eateries. You will be immersed in the food culture in addition to receiving a culinary education during class.

The school has 7 brand-new, fully functional test kitchens. In addition to learning about culinary arts in the classroom, students will gain practical kitchen experience. Earn a degree in restaurant and culinary management, baking and pastry arts, health supportive culinary arts, or culinary arts. Additionally, you can test your skills in an online culinary arts and food management curriculum. This is one of the culinary schools in Ca.

Culinary Arts

  • Cost of tuition : $36,040 for entire program

Pastry & Baking Arts

  • Cost of tuition :$34,520 for entire program

2. The Culinary Institute of America, St. Helena, CA

The top culinary school in the world is thought to be the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Although the school’s main site is in upstate New York, the Greystone campus in St. Helena, California, is equally outstanding. The school is tucked away in the heart of California’s wine region.

The main campus, where classes are held, and a student-run restaurant are both located in the heart of Napa.

At the CIA St. Helena, you can obtain an associate’s degree in culinary arts or baking and pastry arts.

Additionally, the school provides an expedited certificate program in culinary arts that will give you a crash education in everything you need to know about the field. With an online CIA master’s degree in wine and beverage management, you can launch your career. When you decide to enroll in the CIA, you have a variety of options. This is one of the culinary schools in Ca.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : $65,600‬ for entire program
  • Additional fees include $50 for applications, $1,080 for supplies and uniforms, $1,735 for board and meals per semester, $835 for general fees, and $300 for graduation.

3. Long Beach City College, Long Beach, CA

In the Long Beach region, are you looking for a cooking school? Then you should absolutely look into the Long Beach City College culinary arts program. The institution provides certificate programs in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, as well as associate’s degrees in these fields. The program of your choice is up to you!

Students will gain knowledge by working with real food in commercial kitchens. The courses emphasize practical problem solving in a culinary environment as well as kitchen safety, hygiene, food preparation, and menu design. At Long Beach City College, everyone will gain useful skills, from novice cooks to accomplished chefs. This is one of the culinary schools in Ca.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (60 units): California Residents – $2,760; Non-resident students – $18,900‬
  • Added Charges: College Services Card: $13 during the summer and $20 during the fall and spring terms; Student Health Services Course materials fees range from $20 for the Fall/Spring term to $17 for the Summer/Winter term. Student representation is $2.

4. Los Angeles Trade-Tech College, Los Angeles, CA

Students can acquire the skills necessary for a successful career in culinary arts, professional baking, or restaurant management by enrolling in LATTC’s Culinary Arts Pathway. The school’s culinary program is the country’s oldest continuously running program!

Students that enroll in the culinary school are prepared for professions in hotels, restaurants, caterers, and other food service establishments. Due to its central location in Los Angeles, students have easy access to the city’s diverse population and food.

LATTC is a gold-certified institution for energy and resources, making it a safe and eco-friendly place to learn. This is one of the culinary schools in Ca.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Tuition is $3,036 for California residents, $19,074 for out-of-state residents, and $20,724 for foreign nationals per program (66 needed units).
  • Additional Fees: $2 for student representation; $16 for winter or summer semesters for health services; and $19 or $2 for fall or spring semesters for health services (optional) $3 per semester, $7 per semester (fall or spring) (Winter or Summer)

5. The Culinary Academy at Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA

You may learn about all the facets of the culinary arts at Contra Costa College’s Culinary Academy. You will learn everything you need to know here, from knowledge of food safety to information on kitchen appliances! Of course, you’ll cook a lot as well!

The CCC kitchen is contemporary and well-equipped. You can enjoy exquisite dining at the teaching restaurant, Aqua Terra Grill, while learning the ins and outs of restaurant management. Join a group of students who study abroad while developing their culinary abilities in Italy and earning CCC credits. After completing the CCC, you will be an expert in the culinary arts.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition fees: Per program (60 units): California Residents – $2,760‬; Non-residents of California/International students – $20,760‬
  • Additional fees include the $2 per semester student representation fee, $127 per month for international students’ health insurance, and course-specific instructional material fees. $5 per semester for the optional student activity fee

6. American River College, Sacramento, CA

You might be the ideal candidate for the outstanding hotel management program at American River College. The program can be finished in as little as 18 months, providing you the degree you need quickly. Make the decision between enrolling in full-time or part-time studies to earn your culinary degree while maintaining a full-time job.

The ARC provides certificate programs in baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, and hospitality management. A culinary arts associate’s degree in restaurant management is also available. You will spend time in the school’s Oak Kitchen Cafe, a four-star restaurant, as well as teaching kitchens and classrooms, where you will get practical experience. It seems like a really comprehensive program.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (68.5 units): California Residents – $3,151; Non-residents students – $27,057.5
  • Additional Fees: Student representation fee – $2; Health services fee – $20

7. College of the Canyon’s Institute for Culinary Education, Santa Clarita, CA

If you’re interested in earning a degree in culinary, baking and pastry, or wine studies, check out the College of the Canyons Institute for Culinary Education. The focus of the school is on preparing students to work as professionals by teaching them the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. You only need to bring your enthusiasm for eating!

Earn a certificate in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, or wine studies, or an associate’s degree in culinary arts. You will receive enough training from the certificate programs and the associate’s degree route to become a professional chef or hospitality manager.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (60.5 units): California Residents – $2,783‬; Non-residents of California – $21,780
  • Additional Fees: Health Fee – $18 Summer / Winter & $22 Spring / Fall; Student Representation Fee – $2; Student Center Fee – $1/unit; Material Fees – Varies

8. Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA

You can obtain an associate’s degree in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, or restaurant management through the excellent culinary arts program at Diablo Valley College. You can also finish a four-year degree using the two-year credits from the culinary program. The key is to have choices!

DVC includes a fantastic teaching facility, a fully functional kitchen, a retail pastry shop, and a student-run, public restaurant. To gain even more real-world experience, you will also do an internship outside of the classroom. You will leave DVC with all the knowledge required to build a successful career in the culinary arts.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (60 required units): California Residents – $2,760‬; Non-residents of California – $18,000
  • Additional Fees: Student Union Fee – $1 per unit; Student representation fee – $2 at registration for fall and spring semesters

9. Institute of Technology, Clovis/Modesto, CA

At the IOT culinary arts program, you can get a culinary arts diploma and acquire all the necessary expertise. The program focuses on the multifaceted abilities required in the culinary industry. Additionally, there are speciality courses like garde manger and cooking for other cultures. The short program is complete!

Your busy life was taken into consideration when creating the culinary diploma program. You can plan your 180-hour externship around your schedule so that you can earn school credits, obtain practical experience, and work while doing so. Additionally, the school gives a customized uniform and silverware set. From the very first day, you’ll be prepared to enter a professional kitchen.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : $19,288 for entire program
  • Additional Fees: Registration Fee – $75; STRF Fee – $9.50; Books & Supplies – $493 for Clovis and $538 for Modesto

10. Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA

You will discover that cooking is both an art and a skill at Orange Coast College. Both must be mastered by you! The culinary curriculum at OCC will be beneficial.

Once enrolled at OCC, you’ll attend courses in topics including bar management, baking fundamentals, sanitation and safety, and menu development. You will study for a certification exam and graduate from the program prepared for a career in hotels, resorts, and prestigious restaurants in the LA area.

Earn an associate’s degree in under two years, or finish your bachelor’s program in under four. Your culinary career will be boosted by both degrees.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (60 units): California residents – $2,760‬; Non-Residents – $21,180
  • Additional Fees: Health Fee – $21 (Fall and Spring) & $16 Summer; College Service Charge – $26 (Fall and Spring) & $15 (Summer); Student Representation Fee – $2

11. Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA

Your culinary education can get off to a strong start thanks to the Glendale Community College. The college provides courses in nutrition, culinary arts, and tourism and hospitality management.

Both lecture and laboratory hours are included in each program. You will gain first-hand knowledge of culinary skills throughout the lab hours as they are spent in modern commercial kitchens. Your study will start with programs like Professional Cooking Fundamentals before moving on to more difficult courses like Commercial Food Preparation.

The class on nutrition controversies appears interesting and demonstrates how the college keeps up with contemporary issues.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (60 required units): California Residents – $2,760‬; Non-Residents of California – $16,260‬
  • Additional fees include: a Health Services Fee of $21 or $18, a Student Services Fee of $12.5, a Representation Fee of $2, a Capital Outlay Fee of $40 per unit (applicable only to non-residents/international students), and a Student Activity Fee of $25 (applicable only to foreign students).

12. City College of San Francisco- San Francisco, CA

The City College of San Francisco is the ideal institution for all varieties of aspiring chefs because it offers a wide range of course possibilities. A certificate in culinary arts, food service, or hospitality management is also available. To improve your abilities in the kitchen, you can also decide to merely enroll in one or two classes.

Whichever route you take, you’ll be attending classes at a terrific, stunning institution in the center of a bustling metropolis.

You can complete your degree around your unique schedule thanks to the daytime and evening class schedules. You will receive a special degree from the food service management course, which will equip you for a career in front-of-the-house service.

This speciality is rare among California’s culinary schools. If you enjoy cooking and serving, CCSF is definitely worth checking out.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (76 units): California Residents – $3,496; Non-California Residents/International students – $25,536‬
  • Additional fees include a $20 student health cost, a $7 student activities fee, a $2 student representative fee, a $3 web user fee, and a $3 per unit capital outlay fee for those who are not California residents or who are international students.

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13. Columbia College- Sonora, CA

Students who enroll in Columbia College’s culinary arts program will be prepared for a wide range of jobs in the food sector. Students will graduate from courses with useful skills that will enable them to succeed in a field that is continuously evolving.

Graduates will thrive and succeed thanks to their fundamental knowledge of food science, nutrition, food safety, and international cuisines.

The hotel sector values chefs with degrees, according to Columbia Colleges. The importance of formal education is growing in the dining and kitchen areas. Allow Columbia College to assist you in obtaining the degree and position you desire.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (60 total units required): California residents – $2,760‬; Non-residents – $16,238
  • Additional Fees: Books & Supplies – $1,126; Transportation – $960

14. Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, CA

In order to adequately educate students for employment in the hospitality industry, the Bakersfield culinary arts and nutrition curriculum combines theoretical and practical training. Students will gain practical experience working in the student-run restaurant in addition to studying in the classroom.

Work toward a culinary arts associate’s degree or decide to pursue a career in food science. Another outstanding degree offered by Bakersfield College is in nutrition and dietetics, which will direct you toward a profession in culinary creation or dietary consulting.

Additionally, the college provides shorter certificate programs. The adaptable, distinctive classes might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Scholarships and Fees:

  • Cost of tuition : Per program (53.5 units): California residents – $2,461; Non-residents of California – $14,177.5
  • Additional Fees: Student Center Fee, $1 per unit; Student Representation Fee, $2; Student Health Fee, $18 for Fall/Spring and $15 for Summer.

The schools on this list should be your first stops if you’re considering attending college in California and want to work in the culinary arts or another area of hospitality. Each one will help you advance in a highly competitive sector and each one has something unique to offer.

Future culinary students can learn a lot from the Golden State. The difficult aspect right now is picking which culinary program to enroll in. Good fortune!

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