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10 Cheapest Schools Offering Online Bachelors Degree Programs

You have the freedom to take online bachelors degree programs whenever and wherever works for your schedule. With a degree under your belt, your chances for employment and promotion are increased. You can definitely use it to enhance your education and launch a new job. Since you can study whenever, wherever, and however you choose, you can accomplish all of this without quitting your day job.

The cost of an on-campus degree is high, and you will graduate in debt. You may earn a number of affordable bachelor’s degrees from universities online. Self-motivation, planning a study regimen, and effective time management are required.

According to a new research collaboration between Babson Survey Research Group and the Digital Learning Compass Organization, more than 6 million higher education students took at least one online course in 2015, according to The Distance Education Enrollment Report 2017.

Top 10 Cheapest Schools Offering Online Bachelors Degree Programs

We did the research and have compiled a list of 10 cheapest Schools for bachelors degree programs available online.

online bachelors degree programs

1. University of the People

Annual fee: $1,015

Tuition-free University of the People (UoPeople) is an approved institution in the United States. This indicates that instruction and teaching are free. Based on the idea that access to higher education is a fundamental human right, their mission is to make it available and affordable to everyone, anytime, wherever.

There are no fees associated with tuition, annual enrollment, or course materials; however, there is a $60 application fee and an evaluation fee ($100 for undergraduate students and $200 for graduate students) associated with each course successfully completed.

2. Tennessee State University-USA

Annual fee: $4,200

Think. Work. Serve is the motto of Tennessee State University, located in the middle of Nashville. They are authorized to confer associate, bachelor, master’s, education specialist, and doctorate degrees by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Despite having a physical campus, they are still a fantastic choice for inexpensive online degrees. There are 18 cheap bachelor’s degree programs available online from Tennessee State University. With several majors in sociology, urban studies, and professional studies

3. Aspen University-USA

Annual fee: $4,500

Business administration, criminal justice, early childhood education, and health care administration are all degree-granting specialties at Aspen University. Their programs combine conventional education with innovation by offering students courses that cover both important subjects and cutting-edge challenges. You can transfer your past learning credit to Aspen University if you have already taken some college courses.

4. Georgia Southwestern State University-USA

Annual fee: $5,970

40 bachelor’s degree programs in business management, education and nursing, computing and mathematics, arts and sciences, and other fields are offered at Georgia Southwestern State University. To prepare students for a job in law enforcement, probation, or juvenile justice, one of their more unusual degrees is a BSc in Criminal Justice.

5. Derby University

Annual Fee: £4,740 = $6,228

The distant learning arm of the University of Derby, UK, is called UDOL (University of Derby, UK, Online). The University of Derby’s most notable recent achievement was moving up nine spots, from 54th to 29th, in the UK Guardian university rankings, which take into account input from students, teaching quality, and student-to-staff ratio. There is a list of their accessible online degree options. Their Business Management BSc degree is a great option and really affordable.

6. Fort Hayes State University

Annual fee: $6,570

With the most up-to-date learning technology and over 200 inexpensive, certified online programs, Fort Hayes State University caters to adult learners. Here is a list of bachelor’s degrees that are offered. One of the most reasonably priced online institutions in the USA for degree programs is Fort Hayes State University.

7.Valdosta State University

Annual fee: $6,780

Undergraduate degrees are offered online by Valdosta State University in the fields of art and design, education, health, STEM fields, business, humanities, and social sciences. Outstanding online education has been ranked by and

8. Open University-Uk

Annual fee: $7,704

The Open University in the UK specializes in remote education and offers more than 200 courses in a variety of areas. The majority of bachelor’s degrees can be finished in 3–4 years of full-time study and 6 years of part-time study. You will have all the freedom you need to finish your degree because the courses are especially made for occupied, working students.

The Open University also provides an open degree program, in which you can select any subjects and combine them in any order to create a credential that is entirely your own. This is appropriate for students who are unsure of their areas of interest or who wish to build a wide knowledge base before deciding on a career path.

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9. Marshall University

Annual fee: $7,627

Academic degrees in nursing, geography, medical laboratory science, and a Regent’s degree are all available from Marshall University. US News and World Report, College Choice, and Best Value Schools have acknowledged it for the academic value it offers.

10. University of ESSEX-UK

Annual fee: £9,250 = $12,065

The Times Higher Education Awards recently presented The University of Essex with the title of “The University of the Year 2018.” In the realm of education, it is comparable to receiving an Oscar. A variety of undergraduate degrees in the disciplines of law, criminology, business, marketing, psychology, and healthcare are available from the University of Essex.

You can enroll in one of their free sampler courses to see if this program is the appropriate fit for you if you are undecided. This provides you the chance to determine whether you appreciate the subject or whether you can fit learning into your hectic schedule.


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